“Cherry Blossoms” –  🇨🇦 Happy 150th Birthday Canada!! ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

I thought I would start my blog posting about sharing my experience, paying homage and giving thanks to a country I have called “home” for as long as I can remember my family and I immigrated to.

My parents decided to leave and brave the other side of the world to come to Canada for a better opportunity. The other main reason was family. We had other relatives who are living in Canada. When we arrived, the weather was winter season. We left the Philippines from a +40 degree celsius and came to a -40 degree celsius. Now, this kind of winter weather is like a regular day to which you get up, wash your face and brush your teeth. You know what to expect to wear being bundled up and warm when going outside.

As a young woman, I never spoke a word of English. The language was different that it made me feel inadequate. When I arrived in school, I had no friends and there was a lovely young Canadian man, who was my classmate, trying to talk to me that it ended having another Filipino classmate translate what I was saying to my Canadian classmate. There was a program I was put in called ESL (English as a Second Language) which helped me start to speak English in junior high. Going to college was helpful also to which despite of my distaste for writing papers, it made me a better person to understand and speak English. And watching the Simpsons on TV helped me as well☺.

Coming to Canada gave me the opportunity to love the game of hockey. The Edmonton Oilers is my favorite team and I did not understand nor watched hockey but that changed when I met a nice man who did play hockey. Then, I started to follow the Edmonton Oilers. I became a fan before the exciting run in 2006. Having won 5 Stanley Cups in the past with Wayne Gretzky and the present/future having Connor McDavid play for the Oilers is an exciting time for hockey that I love in Canada.

Canada is also a great country which universal healthcare is an advantage to have. I feel blessed to have the access to “Free” healthcare. When my dad tore his ACL, he didn’t even know he tore it when he injured himself because he decided to be stubborn and not get his ankle checked. I woke up one morning in my pajamas and got a call from him saying he was going into surgery right away. He rehabilitated his ankle with the best people around him without breaking the bank due to his insurance.

I could write so much more of how great a country Canada is. From having the freedom to vote, exploring different food and heritage exhibitions and touring its beautiful provinces, I couldn’t be more humbled, grateful and thankful towards this country welcoming and presenting my family to windows of such opportunities. Proud to be Canadian. 🇨🇦Happy 150th Birthday Canada!🎂🇨🇦

4 thoughts on ““Cherry Blossoms” –  🇨🇦 Happy 150th Birthday Canada!! ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

    1. I have. And I’m very blessed to be living in Canada.. And it’s not always cold. Right now we are sitting on a scorching heat wave that could go up to 31 degrees celsius ☺. It will be cold in the next 2-3 months. It is a great place to visit..

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