“Cherry Blossoms” – An Introduction

As I sit here at work, thoughts were running through my head to what topic I should pick for my first blog, when I should be focusing on work.  But when moments of ideas pop and run through your head, you can’t help but stop what you are regularly doing and start typing.

To start the introduction of my blog, I should introduce myself.  My name is Cherry. I’m a regular 4”11 ½ woman who wants to share her life experiences with the world.  A little bit about myself. My family moved to Canada from the Philippines when I was 11. I was a young woman who didn’t know a word of English and was raised by semi-conservative parents. I have 3 siblings and my parents have been married for more than 3 decades.  As a woman growing up in Canada, I endured a hard time finding being confident and comfortable in my own skin sharing certain experiences.  Most of us have fears to not start a blog due to reasons of caring others’ opinion it won’t be interesting, that people won’t read it or it will be just “another” blog. The purpose of my blog is to start sharing experiences and stories I have experienced and encountered with you all.  As an extremely private person who likes being in her comfort zone, writing this blog introduction is a huge step.

Also, my hope of starting this blog is for whoever reads it, can take away some kind of relation, relief and reflection and to get a laugh out of it when having a difficult day.

And so, I look forward sharing my stories here and for “Cherry” to “Blossoms”…


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