“Cherry Blossoms” – Heritage Weekend – Touring the World

It’s been a while since I have written and it’s because I am doing all that I can to enjoy what is left of the summer we have up here in the north.  As it continues to move along, I always look forward to August. At the beginning of this month, I start to prepare myself.  Not because the month coming up after August is September, but because the first weekend of August is a long weekend and a certain festival comes around the city.  This festival is called Heritage Day Festival.

The entry for this event is FREE but you must bring a handful of canned goods or donate cash to support the Edmonton Food Bank.  Once you get into the festival, you can purchase a sheet of tickets worth $20CAD.


A list of the Pavilion countries, their food menus and how much tickets they cost for the festival..

Here are some pictures I captured from the event:

Pakistan had these guys hopping and dancing…
The Serbian dance..
Taiwan had this guy flipping cups like a yo-yo

When I went to the festival on Saturday, a big storm came through.  I was prepared when the sun suddenly disappeared.  The pro about being at the festival when it rained was the food lines had less people.  However, the con about the festival after it rained was the event was muddy and wet. Also the stage for each Pavilion where the entertainment was held, were delayed.

Despite the storm, the festival held one of many firsts.  Syria joined the festival for the first time this year and a couple who immigrated in Canada recently decided to get married in a Syrian ceremony in front of thousands of people during the festival.  I don’t know if the ceremony happened because I left early covered in mud and wet sandals.  I wish the couple did marry at the festival because it represented what the festival is about.  An opportunity to become part of a historical moment.  This festival not only combines food and culture, but it also gives an opportunity to experience and travel the world, without breaking the bank. (I will talk about the travel adventures I experienced on my blog so.. Stay tuned :-)).  Each Pavilion of countries magnificently showcased their culture, food and entertainment as if you are visiting the country itself.  I am very fortunate I got the chance to escape, eat, learn and be entertained by different countries as another summer season of festivals sets down for this year.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Top: 1st and 2nd photo; Sudan’s children dancing. 3rd photo; getting a Henna tattoo. 3rd photo; trying Poland’s Pierogies. Middle: 1st photo; Chile’s entertainment. 2nd photo; Jamaica pavilion, waiting for some Jerk Chicken. Bottom: 1st photo; Crotian dancers. 2nd photo; Chinese dragons. 3rd photo; Lemon Lime and Bitters drink courtesy of Australia.

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