“Cherry Blossoms” – Touring Taste of Edmonton

One of the festivals I look forward to in this city every summer are not just about all cultural experience, I also look forward to certain festivals that involves food.  Every year, our city holds an annual festival called “Taste of Edmonton”.  This festival presents various restaurants in the city that participates and provides two dishes for everyone that comes to the event and try.  To try the dish, customers have to purchase tickets to give and try the dish in each restaurant stands. I purchased the tickets in package for an amount of $63 CAD for 40 tickets.  This amount sounds expensive but it is enough to visit all the restaurant stands in the festival.  If you don’t finish your tickets, you can use them to come back to the festival and use it until the festival ends.  And if there are tickets left and you won’t be back again to the festival, you can donate the rest to one of the food bank tents around the festival.  There are also entertainment such as bands and singers that perform on stage while people eat and drink.

Below are some pictures of the foods I tasted, eaten and taken home when I was starting to get full.  Enjoy! 🙂

Satay with Peanut Sauce (Right) and Roti Canai with Curry Dipping Sauce (Left) from Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant
Cheddar/Potato Perogies from Baba’s Bistro by SJI
Vallarta Shrimp Tostadas from La Mar land and sea food truck
Tequilla-Lime Chicken Taco from Three Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant
Mango and Blueberry Macarons from the Hongkong Bakery Restaurant

There are no pictures of other foods I tasted and took home but these dishes are called Bam-Bam Shrimp from Old Spaghetti Factory, Mango Lassi from Khazana Resturant, Mango Chicken Curry from Explore India Food Truck, Sundried Tomato Pesto Vegetable Tart with Cream Cheese from The Sutton Place Hotel, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Served with Rice and Jerk Sauce from IRIE Foods Restaurant and Dalmation Cookies and Cream ice cream from the Fire Station Scoops.

This festival is a fun-filled and full time for kids, adults and seniors.  Food  has a way for everyone to gather together and see its colors, flavors and taste.  I am filled with gratitude to experience eating certain foods because there are people who doesn’t get the opportunity to go to these events and I’m thankful for it.  And because my love for food never wanes.


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