Cherry Blossoms – 3 Months of Silence

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

It has been a while since I have posted a blog.  The summer became very busy and when fall passed and winter has arrived, it became difficult to set aside time for me to write on my blog because my schedule has not been very kind for me to do so.

I am still tending to an injury I sustained in May after I traveled to Africa.  I have decided to study and retake a test for my project management certification that I failed last year.  I started to learn how drive. I started to do headstands with no support from a wall as an addition to my yoga practice. I am spending as much time as I can with close family and friends. And to top it off, I have taken a new position in my organization which I will be starting in about 2 weeks.  Life certainly has a way to keep you busy.

Despite a full pack schedule, my willingness to share my experiences on my blog has not wane.  Taking a 3 month break from blogging was the best decision I have ever made.  There are so many experiences I thought of sharing and in the 3 months I have been quiet, it gave me some contemplation to what I should share next while accumulating new experiences.  I also realized I don’t need to force myself to write on my blog every day if I don’t feel like sharing something.  I realize that blogging about my life happens when I let it go and let my ideas flow.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all again…


One thought on “Cherry Blossoms – 3 Months of Silence

  1. Good for you, Cherry! For blogging now and for not blogging until time was right. Also, congratulations on your new position! I’ll miss your smiling face around here … but I know where to find you, my friend. : )


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